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“For Any Guy Who Wants To
Become A Multimillionaire…
But Wasn’t Born Into Money”

The short letter you're about to read below has been used
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Congratulations dude, YOU are literally one in a million.

We're going to escort you to your 1K Day Private Members Area in just a second, but
my bet is you’re the kind of guy that, like me, has set his sights on THE PRIZE and
refuses to be distracted by piddly shit.

Because we all know, everybody and their mother wants to be a millionaire. Yet few are willing to do whatever it takes.

You, my friend are willing.

You’re going to make it, too. Especially if I have anything say about it.

Given your badass, take no prisoners commitment... Welcome to Team Capital.

From this day forward, consider me your personal coach, trainer and mentor.

I want to congratulate you right now on making a wise and extreme profitable decision. It’s going to pay off for you BIG TIME.

So, first things first...

Let Me Share With You #1 SECRET to
Making Maximum Money in Minimum
with the 1K Day Mastermind...

A secret how you can ACCELERATE your million dollar making, fortune-building efforts. Getting to that $1,000,000 number simpler, faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Because the fact is, I did it. And I know EXACTLY what it takes.

Now? I want to help you do the same. If you’ll permit me, I AM GOING TO TAKE CHARGE of your destiny.

That means nobody fails on my watch. NOBODY. No man left behind.

Now that your ambition has been upgraded to 1K Day STANDARDS..

… you’re not the first to feel that surge of electricity course through every fiber of your body.

You’re not the first to feel that trembling of the earth beneath your feet... that intoxicating rush of adrenaline... that overwhelming Hulk-like desire to pound your clenched fist on the table and say…

FvCK YEAH I’m making this happen, godammit!

And with my help, YOU WILL.

And right now, I want to share something that will complement and accelerate what you’re about to discover inside 1K Day.

I call it…

The Millionaire DNA
Activation System

In order for you to GET MAXIMUM BENEFIT out your own Millionaire DNA, we need to do one thing and that’s activate your entrepreneurial millionaire wiring not just at mental level, but at a genetic level.

How are we going to do that?

Quick story:

At one time, I started out probably just like you. Full of proverbial piss and vinegar. Ready to make the world my bitch.

However, my first attempts at building an online business BOMBED. I skinned my knees, fell on my ass, tripped over my dick--A LOT.

Wasted a shitload of time on things that didn’t matter one iota.

Oh my god… how I wished I had something or someone to guide me. To give me direction on how to take my raw ambition and target it like a LAZER on what I want.

I wanted something that would burn the lessons into my money-making soul.

So that I instinctively knew how to think, act and feel like a millionaire.

The Millionaire DNA Activation System
fulfills this purpose 100X.

No struggling, no hesitating, no worrying… you just do it. Like Yoda says “Do. Or Do Not. There is no try”.

Over the years, I’ve gatheorange together proven “from the source” principles, ideas and insights that have helped get me to where I’m at today (The #1 Dating Coach on the Planet.)

They’re from self-made millionaires and billionaires I admire like hell for what they’ve achieved.

Born out of necessity, forged in the fires of entrepreneurial battle, today these core millionaire-creating principles... these rules... these insights... these plans of attack are wiorange into my DNA. They contribute in large part to making me the badass multi-millionaire I am today.

I guarantee, they’ll do the same for you.

These Millionaire DNA Activating principles are driven DEEPER than unconscious competence. At this point in my life, they’re reflexive, wiorange straight into my neurology.

I’m telling you there’s no feeling quite like it. To know you’re on the path. To know success is certain.

And today, with your order, you’re on the path and I want to get you there faster and more rapidly than you ever thought possible.

(Now you probably don’t want to be a dating coach like me. It’s ok. That’s not the point. And the Millionaire DNA Activation System doesn’t contain one word about girls.)

Why The Millionaire DNA Activation
System Is NOT For Everyone…

But if you think you can chant “I am rich” all day every day and money will float down from the heavens into your lap… this program is NOT for you.

It’s about as far removed from The Secret and it’s law of attraction as you’re gonna get. Do you think Donald Trump sits cross-legged repeating success affirmations every morning?

Look. If you’re anything like me, you’re sick of that kind of drippy sh*t. It’s little more than clever marketing designed to appeal to the lazy masses.

And I know you’re smarter than that.

So you’re not gonna get simple platitudes that sound good on paper but don’t do sh*t in real life. Instead, you’ll be privy to dozens of millionaire-making secrets that the rich keep to themselves.

I’m talking about money making... wealth building...
deal making... negotiating... fortune building
and how you can use the 1K Day Mastermind to achieve
it in the shortest amount of time possible...

  • If you’re like me, you don’t want to wait for your time to come.
  • If you’re like me, you don’t want to beg for permission.
  • If you’re like me, you don’t want to work your ass off getting there.
  • If you’re like me, you don’t want to waste time on the things that just don’t matter.
  • If you’re like me, you’d rather be enjoying the fruits of your efforts, whether that’s hanging out some tropical beach or rocking it in Vegas where I own a luxury condo.
  • If you’re like me, you want to avoid the soul-crushing pain of business failure.

You just want results. Mega-results.

And I’m here to guide you the best way I know how, the same way I learned, getting your hands on them fast.

When I conducted the first Millionaire DNA Activation System, I’m telling you guys were SO excited. Each paid $5K to be in that room, not to mention travel.

It’s a lot of money, but when a 7-figure a year income is your goal, it’s chump change.

And the good news is you’re not going to pay that today. Because you committed to yourself, got yourself on the millionaire path, you’re on this page and you’re not going to pay anywhere near that.

Not $4000.

Or even $3000.

Incorangeibly, all you’ll pay today is just $197. Why?

Because you committed, dude.

You committed to me, yourself, your training, your vision, your future. That’s exactly what it’s going to take create real bank account-bulging wealth.

You did your part, now I’m doing mine 100X.

And yes, that price includes the same guarantee I offeorange you initially. A 60-Day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

No one’s EVER taken me up on it. But it’s always there, if you need it. Just hit me up.

As a Bonus, You’re Getting a
Must-Have Product I Call…

Millionaire Code

These are detailed reviews, critiques and note taking summaries of 5 of my favorite business icons. You get:

  1. The Steve Jobs Millionaire Code

    Where you’ll discover…

    • The Reality Distortion Field and how Jobs used it to convince anyone to do anything for him. (What would you do if you could bend reality to your will?)
    • Steve’s unusual yet wickedly effective process for self-motivation. Imagine waking up every morning clear as day, automatically driven toward your big, throbbing vision…
    • The secret of Jobs’ Vision Commitment and how to never sweat the small stuff. (Plus how mastering ruthless expectation can create and shape your ideal lifestyle…)
  2. The donald trump Millionaire Code

    You’ll find out...

    • The Ruthless Deletion strategy to being clear headed, focused and happy (prepare to delete up to 90% of the ‘stuff’ in your life and turbo-charge your momentum…)
    • The Donald’s #1 Secret To Success that created one world-class organization after another… and how letting go of your attachment to the outcome creates pure success momentum…
    • And Trump’s kinda weird prenuptial agreement… and why it will deepen your understanding of business and life…
  3. The riacchard branson Millionaire Code

    You’ll discover…

    • How Branson used Social God Theory to kickstart his Virgin brand… and how to engineer a celebrity, cult-like following to command respect and power. (Note: you can use this in any area where you want success in life)
    • How Branson’s clear, tangible vision won him Necker Island in the face of enormous opposition. Use this secret to magnetize anything you want in life even when it seems utterly hopeless and out of reach…
    • Why numbers and statistics are misleading and what you should rely on instead…
  4. The hugh hefner Millionaire Code

    You’ll learn...

    • The Hef’s surprising personal philosophy and why he believed “the common good” could only ever lead to evil-doing… and how this galvanized him into building an empire…
    • How The Illusion Of Exclusivity drew hordes of new customers and fans into his world…
    • The 9 Hefner Keys to manufacturing god-like celebrity status. (Yeah this can make you rich, yet the same keys can be used to unlock your dream pussy-filled lifestyle)
  5. The Felix Dennis Millionaire Code

    You’ll discover…

    • The single most important thing you must do before you even think about money-getting…
    • The shocking reason 99% of people NEVER achieve their financial goals. And it’s NOT because they don’t have the ability (hint: they don’t teach you this in business school)…
    • Why team spirit is for losers (and what you should focus on instead)…

I pull out every valuable gem, every nugget of entrepreneurial wisdom, and serve them up to you on a silver platter.

Again, I did this for myself, but now I’m sharing this with you. Because I’m committed to every member of Team Capital becoming a millionaire.

Warning: Regret is a Mother Fvcker

As you can appreciate, The Millionaire DNA Activation System plus the bonus Millionaire Code is an essential piece to your millionaire puzzle.

And right now, I’m making this one-time offer only on this page.

I urge you… not for my sake but for yours… to go ahead and click the “add to cart” button below now.

You see, regret is a mother. No doubt like me in the past, you’ve had opportunities slip through your fingers before. Whether that’s a business opportunity, an idea for a software app or video game, or someone just beating you to the punch on something.

Pisses you off when you think about it, doesn’t it?

Don’t let it happen here. You’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t get this, I can assure you.

One of the biggest Millionaire DNA activations
I’ve learned is when you see an opportunity and

He who waits, he who hesitates, masturbates. Don’t give this a second thought.

Because if you do, if you blink, it’ll be gone. And at some point, those heart-wrenching pangs of regret kick in and do their psychological damage.

They’ll fuck with your mind. They’ll throw you off your game.

Get in the habit of exercising your business intuition. Do a gut check. As a result, you’ll be able to compress time and eliminate any mental masturbation.

This is a simple decision, if you’re serious about becoming a badass millionaire mutherfvcker.

And I Know You Are. So Go For It!

No, thanks Jason. I’m not ready to be a millionaire, just yet