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The Millionaire Formula That Accidentally Made Steve Jobs

Quick story. Every word, totally relevant to you.

About 3 years ago, I coached this guy. His name is Nick.

Nick had a thing for girls at the gym.

Problem was, he couldn’t crack the code.

“I think I’m kinda attractive” he’d say. “But I’m creeping chicks out.” (Sound familiar?)

For Nick, picking up girls at the gym was the ultimate challenge.

He loved talking to hot girls in workout clothes. It was practically impossible for him to ignore.

“What the hell am I supposed to do, Jason?”

In a minute, I’ll tell you EXACTLY...

  • How he overcame the problem, and in the process…
  • Got all the hot girls he wanted--even chasing after HIM...
  • And best of all, as a direct result, he created a solid 7-figure income stream ($1,275,077) in the process. A business which he later sold off for almost $5 million...

You see, if you know me, I have a simple rule for myself. I don’t play small. I don’t play safe.

I play to win. I play for keeps. Like Warren Buffet says “Play the long game.”

If you’re coached by me personally, you’re not going to get some puny plan for pathetic results. Results that just get you by.

That’s bullsh*t.

You’re going to get a goddamn breakthrough,
in whatever area of your life you want...

And you should expect that from me.

Michael Jordan wasn’t just talking basketball when he said...

"You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them."

Personally speaking, EXPECTATION is part of the magic of what makes what I do work.

Yes, you’re going to get a breakthrough, and if I have my way, you’re going to get a breakthrough reading this article. And...


The other thing is I NEVER give anybody the answer on a silver platter.

I’ve tried that enough to know, people need to OWN the strategy, as well as the results.

If they don’t, they under-appreciate the method, they subconsciously sabotage the process and as a result, even though I gave them a fvcking, success-certain answer on a silver platter, they’ll come up empty handed.

So... You’re going to get a breakthrough and it’s going to be YOUR breakthrough. Not mine or some else’s.

Anyhoo, back to Nick...

I didn’t give Nick the answer either. But I definitely sent him in a specific direction.

You can guess what direction I sent him in.

That’s right, STATUS.

Now, since he paid me a shitload full of money, I let him “borrow” a copy of my groundbreaking program, STATUS.

After he binged watched the entire program in one long three-day weekend, I challenged him.

I told him I expected nothing less than for him to CRUSH this problem finally and forever.

And guess what?

I’ll be be damned if he did just that.

He had an epiphany. IT WAS EPIC.

Internally, he said while he watched the videos, he flipped a switch.

A switch in his brain where knew what to do. It was like his vision was all laid out for him, crystal clear.

Now I want to be clear, it wasn’t the STATUS program that gave him the breakthrough.

It was something ELSE I told him just before he flipped that switch. Something I’m revealing in this article today. Something even bigger, especially when it comes to YOUR financial success.

I know you’re curious, so what did he do?

Well, please understand, approaching women in a gym setting is hard.

Girls don’t want some random guy staring at them, gawking. They don’t want to be approached when they’re all sweaty and without make-up.

And if they’re the slightest bit overweight? That goes double.

All in all, it just creeps girls out.

Nick had his work cut out for him.

So on bulletin board right outside in the lobby of the gym, he posted a small flyer. It said...

Guess what happened?

Girls took him up on it! Now, he could LEGITIMATELY look at girls’ bodies. The offer was cheap enough, and he got lots of inquiries.

Now he was known. And he was using his newfound STATUS within the gym to get all the girls he wanted.

Pretty frickin’ ingenious.

He got results for them, too.

But! The gym’s general manager didn’t like it. Not one bit. He thought Nick was stealing business from them.

They shut him down hard.

So did this stop him? Fuck, no.

(This is the cool thing about what I’m about to
show you. When shit like this happens in your life,
it turns into an even bigger opportunity.)

Instead of sulking off with his tail between his legs, Nick doubled down.

Nick went and got trained as a Certified Personal Trainer, and he opened up shop.

Again, now even though he was at the gym and wasn’t training girls inside, girls still came to him. He was known. They wanted to be trained by him.

They’d see him at the gym and want to be around him. He was magnetic. Girls would orbit around him.

Other girls he didn’t know would also see that, and not get creeped out when he approached them.

He rapidly built up a nice six-figure
personal training business
that way...

Then he got the idea of becoming a certified yoga instructor at a local yoga studio.

Whoa! Now he had multiple GROUPS of women chasing him, after, during and before his classes. All at the same time.

No one was creeped out--in fact, they were proud when he focused his attention on them specifically. Amazingly, it became almost a competitive thing among the girls to see who got the most attention.

Talk about demonstrated high value! Holy shit!

Nick was in heaven. And here’s what else. He raised his personal training rates massively. $300/hour!


He opens his own yoga studio

Can you imagine the women? The status? The financial success?

The place went viral. Girls would tell girls, who would tell other girls. It gets even better...

He recently sold his small chain
of yoga studios for $3.8 MIL

Amazing, isnt it? All in the space of 3 years.

I’m damn proud of Nick.

So what the fuck just happened?

Nick flipped what I call “The Millionaire Switch” and
it’s something I want to demonstrate to you now...

So let’s breakdown for a moment what just happened.

What inspired Nick? What caused him to put himself on this path?

If you said pussy, you’re right. But I’m talking deeper than that.

For the next few moments, I want you to concentrate
and think about what it is that you want.

Shut down your email, your cellphone, all that other bullshit. And for the next few minutes, we’re going to do some real work here.

Because you’re about to get that breakthrough we’ve been talking about.

You see, when it comes to achieving what it is that you want, this isn’t my first rodeo.

For instance, how do you think I became the #1 Dating Coach For Men in the country? How do you think I got to the point where I’m making multiple 7-figures a year before the age of 26? How you think I came up with things like the Capital Compound?


Flipping the Millionaire Switch wasn’t the only thing, but it was THE THING that got me to the point where I took the specific actions I needed to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

So let’s get started. First, I want you understand a couple of things...

What I’m about to describe to you is not about working your ass off. It’s not about killing yourself to get what you want.

That’s a relief, isn’t it?

I mean all these other gurus are talking about “the harder I work, the luckier I get” and I’m here to say you can experience breakthrough performance, breakthrough progress, breakthrough RESULTS, not necessarily by sitting on your ass and meditating but definitely not by killing yourself to get what you want.

There’s an easier way.

The first step is to do one essential thing:


When I saying suspend disbelief, it’s like I just saw Fast and Furious 7.

Great movie. It rocks. One of the guys I coach is in it.

Anyway, there’s this scene, maybe you saw the trailer, where their cars are being parachuted out of C-130 cargo airplane.

It’s insane.

But in the back of my head I’m thinking
“BS! It’s CGI. There’s no way that’s possible.”

So I get back home and I start Googling. And I get it confirmed by asking the guy I coach.

Lo and behold, I discover it IS possible and THEY DID IT.

I’ll be damned.

You see, for you to get the breakthrough you want for yourself, you’re going to have to SUSPEND DISBELIEF about what’s possible for your life.

Your current decisions about what’s possible for you and your life are limiting you, holding you back, keeping you from the life, lifestyle and bank account of what’s really possible for you.

From one brother to another:

Dude, they’re holding you back...

For instance, did you ever hook up with girl and discover later on she was so not right for you?

She drags you down, makes your life fvcking miserable, keeping you from focusing on shit that’s important.

That’s what a limiting decision will do to you.

It’s a downer.

Here’s the thing though:

When you have a limiting decision like that, you can’t see it for yourself. The only way you know you have a limiting decision is shit’s not popping off for you the way it should.

And there is only one way you can tell if you have a limiting decision: The results you’re producing in life are crap.

So, here’s my sincere question:
Are you creating the kind of results in your life
that are setting your soul on fire?

Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t, only you know for sure.

I don’t know specifically what limiting decision is holding you back. I’m not the Long Island Medium.

So instead, I’m going to ask you to do this:

Suspend disbelief about what’s possible for you and your life. Regardless of where you’re from... what your experience or education is... what you ethnicity or heritage is.

Because I guarantee, if you say “I can’t get what I want because I’m a black, illiterate quadriplegic with a bad stutter”, I guarantee you I can find a black, stuttering, illiterate quadriplegic that’s CRUSHING it.

So right now, go ahead and suspend your disbelief and let’s get on with that breakthrough of yours.

Right now...

Anything & Everything is possible for you Suspend disbelief and you open the vault door to financial possiblity.

But HOW, you ask?

Well, this next step is about flipping that switch,
that “Millionaire Switch” I talked about earlier.

You see, once you suspend disbelief, I’ve discovered the Millionaire Switch allows you to almost effortlessly do so much more. Flip the Millionaire Switch and...

  • You’ll look forward to the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone...
  • You’ll be able to quit trying harder to get what you want...
  • You ignore slow, painstaking conventional approaches, opting for the wildly unconventional...
  • If they take everything from you--the money, houses, boats, islands, whatever--you can get it all back. Why? Because they can’t take your mindset from you...
  • You truly live the creed “That which does not kill me, I use to my advantage”...
  • You’ll never have to interview for a job if you don’t want to – throw a rock in any direction, and that’s where opportunity lies waiting for you...
  • In a weird way, flipping The Millionaire Switch gives you a kind of mental status. You feel impervious to whatever life throws at you. Previous problems seem insignificant...

I want to be clear about something: Flipping The Millionaire Switch is NOT just about turning lemons into lemonade.

It’s far more than just that.

Kobe Bryant nailed it like a 3-point jumper when he said, “Everything negative – pressure, challenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise.”

The Millionaire Switch is about taking the
stuff of YOUR life and turning it into a
large or small financial fortune

Look at the biographies of Steve Jobs, Robert Downey Jr. and 50 Cent for clues.

These guys started with nothing, even less than nothing... and parlayed it into Fame and Financial Fortune

They changed the world in the process. Against all odds, they put their mark on it.

I did it, too. Tens of thousands of guys attest to it.

Now, follow my lead and you can do it, too. It’s extremely freeing once you know how.

However, to launch yourself, to catapult yourself, you’re going to have to execute the third step.

All you have to do is start thinking Differently ...than you have in the past.

You’re going to have to...

  • Change your personal rules, standards and belief about success...
  • IGNORE conventional approaches...
  • Think BEYOND what common sense would allow (Look at what Elon Musk is doing—incredible!)...
  • Choose a different set of risks and rewards (Just model Kanye West who turned his back on record labels)...
  • Focus on the ends rather than the means...
  • Trust in the power of going for what you want, KNOWING with all your mind, heart and soul you’ll achieve it...
  • And instead of looking around you for opportunity, you’ll start feeling at ease looking inside yourself for the next big thing...

So now that I’ve shared with you what
this method can do, let me show you THE
HOW... HOW to intentionally make it happen in
YOUR life – starting today.

I’ve created a new, breakthrough-generating program called…

The Millionaire Switch is specifically about creating extraordinary financial breakthroughs in your life.

If you’ve ever struggled to pay the rent... forced to grovel for a piddly-ass raise... fed up with making do with what you have rather than going for what you want... and YOU’RE SICK OF IT... you NEED to flip your internal Millionaire Switch.

Let me say one thing, hands down, there is nothing more
freeing, more rewarding mentally, physically and emotionally
than being able to create wealth on demand.

  • Opportunities start manifesting themselves, almost by magic.
  • Unseen forces which you never could have imagined are at your beck and call.
  • Failure literally disappears
  • You start to receive unexpected gifts, sometimes from complete strangers

The Millionaire is the same method not just millionaires, but all self-made BILLIONAIRES use to create massive wealth. Entrepreneurs such as...

These self-made titans started with nothing, some with less than nothing, and using the same Millionaire Switch principles, the same Millionaire Switch methodology, became some of the wealthiest men on the planet.

I’ve done the research and it’s stunning. It’s impossible to deny their success.

We live in extraordinary times, where you and I have the same resources, the same tools and the same opportunities as these business icons – all you need now is the mindset to make it happen.

AND – With The Millionaire Switch program, it gets even better...

For just a moment,
let’s talk about girls...

Now previously, I’ve talked until I’m blue in the face about how you don’t need money to get girls.

You just don’t.

And you may be surprised to know, I’m doubling down on that here.


Nah, money will NOT get you laid – unless of
course, you’re paying some prostitute.

So what’s the REAL dynamic that’s going on?

Simple. And I say this as the being named the #1 Dating Coach for Men...

“Having a bank account bulging with
Benjamins is indicative of a man who has
raw, real ambition. Someone who is bold,
someone who’s an action taker, someone
who’s worth following... and fvcking.”

Women are attracted to guys that other men follow - to guys who self-prioritize, who are self-determined, who are self-loving and ON A MISSION.

That sounds like I’m describing someone who’s selfish, but actually the opposite is true.

Am I selfish with my content, or ideas or advice?

Not at all. In fact, THAT was my personal Millionaire Switch breakthrough. And right now, as you may be noticing, I’m in the process of creating a financial juggernaut with it as my foundation.

You think I’m different? You think I’m alone? Not a chance. You can do this too.

Maybe even better.

You see just a few short years ago, I was broke. Living in a shitty Santa Monica studio apartment. Living paycheck to paycheck would have been a minor miracle.

Today? Like I said, my team and I are on our way to creating an empire. I’m making 7-figures and most of all, I’m doing what I love.

What I’m really trying to say is follow my lead... flip your Millionaire Switch… and I’ll show you how.

When you do, I guarantee the following
things will happen in your life:

  • The things you need will almost by magic start to appear. Call it serendipity...
  • Even though there’s major shit happening in your life, you’ll be surprised how calm and in control you are. Stress disappears. You FINALLY know how to handle it...
  • You’ll reignite the passion that drive men to greatness and beyond...
  • Besides making money, you’ll really start loving your life for what is...
  • You’re going to go from ordinary to out of the ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY—the best part is it won’t be hard or take a long time...
  • You’ll start creating your life, intentionally designing your life, rather than just living it...
  • You start to develop a surprising contempt for the status quo. You’ll become uncomfortably dissatisfied by things that don't push you forward by 10X or more...
  • Even if you’re the quiet-spoken type, you’ll start rocking the boat, unafraid of any backlash it might cause. “They hate us ‘cause they ain’t us” :)
  • You’ll naturally be the most important person in social situations - without even trying, with the power to choose to do what you want to do..

Yes, the Millionaire Switch can do all that and more.

Just read how the
has impacted guys just like you:

  1. “I WOuld have paid you $10k”

    “... Jason I feel like were kindred spirits. After watching the Millionaire Switch, I would have paid you $10,000. Why? Well don’t let this go to your head but at the time, I was mentally wounded. I was vulnerable. I watched your videos and realized what I had to do. That one idea you gave me netted me almost a million. Thanks.”

    - Jack

    “A few 100k in the bank”

    “Jason, two decades I was young, single and tearing it up and raising hell. Somehow I lost it all. Fell into a rut. Divorce, illness, business failure in 2009. Today, I’m proof your method works. I have a few hundred thou in the bank, I have a hot new girlfriend who adores me and friends that would do anything for me. Thanks for the insight. It made all the difference.”

    - Lorne

    “I don’t have to be like everybody else”

    “...The thing I appreciate about the MIllionaire Switch is I don’t have to be like everybody else. I’ve got raw talent and can make all the money I want, and not have to conform with what everybody else expects from me. That was my breakthrough. I used to get depressed thinking I was going be someone’s minimum wage robot for the rest of my life.”

    - Chi

    get the switch now! $9

  2. “Talk about living your life inside out!”

    “Man, talk about living your life inside out! It’s funny how by focusing on your Millionaire Switch and looking for that internal spark that sets everything on fire, can do magic in reality. Napoleon Hill said ‘what you believe you can achieve’ you took that one idea and turn it into a methodology for the 21st century man.”

    - Jacob

    “Banking about $3,000 every day”

    “I was a broke ass loser. Bad apartment, cockroaches, the whole thing. Once I took your advice and flipped my own Millionaire Switch, I’m banking about $3K a day doing what I love. Yeah, I’m a DJ, I really do love a party!”

    - DJ MX

    “I refuse to be defeated”

    “I used to feel weak and unworthy. But now I got my passion back. And from now on I refuse to be defeated or undermined in any way. You can take that to the bank.”

    - Richard

    “I’m having a blast!”

    “I used to think that thinking this way was high risk. That billionaires had a different risk gene than the rest of us. But what I’ve actually discovered is it’s safer today to operate your way,Jason. I’m more in control. I know my worth at the end of every day and I’m having a blast doing it. Life is good.”

    - Matt

I have tons more of these emails, but you get the picture. Flipping your Millionaire Switch gives you access to your Dream Life.

So you may be wondering at this point,
“Wow, what Jason’s offering me, it’s like he’s
offering me a million bucks. How much does
the Millionaire Switch cost?

Well, that’s the best part.

I’ve been told recently, The Millionaire Switch program is worth $1,000, $10,000 and even one said I saved his life and it was worth $100,000.

But you’re not going to pay that today. Nowhere near.

The last time I put on this program live, guys gladly ante-upped $750.00.

But you’re not going to pay that either.

Because today, my goal is to make sure one thing happens: And that is for you get The Millionaire Switch program in your hands, burned into your eyes and forever etched into your brain.

And to do that, the price is just 9 measly bucks...

That’s right. But you must act fast. Because if you’re reading this write now, you can expect this offer to be withdrawn within the next day.

I want you to watch the videos and flip your own Millionaire Switch. See what happens.

Also because you've decided to step up and join the rest of us already inside the Millionaire Switch today, I'm gone ahead and given you 2 weeks of exclusive membership access to learn side-by-side with the most successful men
in the world inside my famous Elite Action-Taker Academy.

I have NEVER allowed any of my online clients inside before today like this, and this bonus offer should be withdrawn within the next day too. All the more good reason for you to take huge action and decide today! Plus..

If your experience is anything like all the other
guys who’ve watched it, here’s what WILL happen:

  • You’ll watch the videos and you’ll think to yourself “Damn, I had it all wrong.”
  • Then you’ll watch the videos AGAIN, because the method is so disarmingly straightforward, you’ll think to yourself “I must have missed something.”
  • This time though, something magical happens. As promised, right on cue, you’ll get your breakthrough. Everything will become clear. Your Millionaire Switch is flipped.
  • And that’s when the magic happens. You’ll whip out your notebook or laptop and start typing feverishly. This is a very good sign. It means I’ve done my job and you’re on your way.
  • After that, kind of like listening to your favorite song over and over, you’ll probably binge watch over and over just because it feels so freaking good know you’ve got your breakthrough and now you’re looking for the nuances...

And if what I’m saying doesn’t happen, you ask?

Honest answer?...


Are you not listening? Part of the process is to EXPECT A BREAKTHROUGH.

Ok, ok. I get it. You’re saying WHAT IF after all that, you still can’t flip your Millionaire Switch?

Easy answer: Hit me up for a refund. You know I’m good for it. You’ve got 60 days, but you’ll know if the program delivers the goods way before then.

Because, as you can probably tell by now, The Millionaire Switch is much more than just a self-help video program:

  • It represents a new life... your dream life.
  • It represents a different way of making your way in the world without apology. Unafraid. Fearless. BOLD. Maybe outrageously so.
  • It represents a financial breakthrough of potentially cosmic proportions.
  • It represents an attitude, an approach, a lifestyle that makes no excuses, begs no forgiveness and takes no prisoners.

For under 10 bucks, you owe to yourself to check it out right now. Hurry because this offer will come down within the next day.

Who is The Millionaire Switch Not Right For?

There’s only one type of person The Millionaire Switch isn’t right for. And that’s the person who’s content with their lot in life and the cards they’ve been dealt.

If that’s you, then you know who you are and I feel for you.

Because not only are you content, but you’ve lost hope in the future. That things can’t be multiple times better than they are now.

In other words, you haven’t suspended disbelief yet.

Even so, I’m reluctant to say stop reading, because if that’s you, something tells me all it takes is a small spark of belief - one decision - for you to set the world on fire again.

So if that fire has gone out, if you’ve hit the wall or plateaued in life, then I encourage you to go ahead and give the Million Switch a test drive. You can always refund if you think you haven’t gotten the value.

I doubt that will happen, but you never know.

I do know the soul sucking pain of knowing you have so much inside of you, but unable to get it out. The world compounds matters by rubbing your nose in failure, doesn’t it?

But trust me, inside you is an animal, just waiting for the cage to be unlocked. Don’t quit, whatever you do. Refuse to give up or give in. And I’m here giving you the key, right here and right now.

So what are you waiting for? There’s absolutely zero risk...

Take a Look at Your Competition...

Listen, for a moment, I want you to look at the majority of guys in the population:

  • Fearful of the future, burying themselves (and their emotions) in video games or the Internet... the only place they can ever hope to control the outcome...
  • Full of “shanger”--that uncomfortable place between shame and anger, knowing they’re living the best years of the lives right now and yet unable to live the life they are truly destined for, that they desire... financially, socially, and physically...
  • Low expectations. Disillusionment. Lack of empowerment.
  • Shackled to a job they hate, forced to do the bidding of a boss or company they despise. It SUCKS being chained to someone or something (especially when you don't even respect that person).

That’s not you. That’s not us. That’s not Team Capital.

All you lack right until now is a plan. And more importantly, a mindset.

Many guys ask me, “Jason what did you do, how were you able to bounce back so strong and so fast?”

I’ll tell you. Again, it’s all about DECISION and ACTION.

Making the bold, strong decision, and then taking action on it.

Dude, if you get nothing out of what of just said, get this: Just like picking up girls...

99% of Being a Multimillionaire
is Deciding To BE ONE

It’s not what you do.

It’s not how hard you work.

It’s not even what your “job” is (although it helps to have a fucking awesome job like mine.)

The keys to 7, 8, even 9 figure success, to dominating in life, you already possess.

You’ve got to appreciate, if you’re reading this right now, I respect the shit out of you.

UNLIKE 99.9% of other guys out there, you’re here. You’ve got the balls to acknowledge your situation for what it is, and accept it.

And now, I’m saying in the most direct of terms...

It’s time to flip the MIllionaire Switch inside you and take what you know and who you are and what you do and go out and CRUSH IT. Dominate, my man. Dominate.

It’s not hard. It doesn’t take a long time or a lot of money. Literally as soon as tomorrow or next week, you could conceivably be living a different life.

I know. I’ve done it. Countless others I’ve coached have done it, too. And I just decided - you're next my man. So..

Right now, I want you to remember
the first time you got laid

It changed your life, didn’t it?

I’m talking about about the same thing here. Where you do that ONE THING and it makes ALL the difference.

Flipping your unique Millionaire Switch is one of those things.

Now you may say “What about this? And what about that?”

You have all these “what abouts”. And my answer is simple. You’re viewing your situation right now through a certain “lens” of life. That lens isn’t wrong, but I will say it doesn’t fit for you anymore. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

You’ve outgrown that lens.

You know there’s a better world for you. And all I’m saying is when that Millionaire Switch is flipped inside you, the problems you face today will be INSIGNIFICANT.

With the Millionaire Switch program, I’m giving you the key.

All you have to is flip it...

Warning: Use This Technology Unethically
and I *WILL* Hunt You Down

This shit is powerful. No doubt, no kidding.

As such, I’m putting everyone on notice.

If I ever discover you’ve used the Millionaire Switch or any component of it to cheat, scam, steal or otherwise take people’s money without providing equal or greater value in return, I will hunt you down.

Please don’t fvck with me on this.

Trust me, it’s just not worth it. You’ll be looking over your shoulder the rest of your life.

My work is about creating REAL BREAKTHROUGHS for guys and the last thing you want to do is use my work for deceptive, illegal or unethical reasons.

Don’t do it. Don’t even think about.

That said, I want you to use The Millionaire Switch to your advantage--every day from here on in.

What happens if you don’t
take action today?

Obviously, this incredible offer will be pulled down within the next day.

But for you, what happens if you don’t take action now?

Nothing changes.

That means you go back to whatever it was you were do before you hit this page. Whatever they were, you go back to producing whatever results you were producing before.

Ultimately, you conform.

You’re slowly assimilated by the Borg of life and lose that part of you that knows right now, that your life can be different. Your life can be better.

Way better.

All I’m saying is to look inside yourself for the opportunity.

And there you’ll find your unique Millionaire Switch.

Quick story and we’re outta here...

Decades ago, Apple was falling behind the competition. The great Steve Jobs tried to coax Pepsi executive John Sculley into coming to work at Apple, but John was reluctant..

In a now-legendary conversation, Jobs asked Sculley a question that would change his life forever (and ultimately ours too):

"Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water? Or do you want a chance to change the world?"

Inside you is a power ready to be unleashed. You know it and I know it. It’s your time to make it happen.

To Business, Brotherhood and Banging,

Jason Capital
America’s #1 Dating & Success Coach

P.S. Honesty bomb question: Did I fulfill my promise? Did you get your own personal breakthrough reading this article?

Be honest. Not just with me, but with yourself.

If you didn’t, I encourage you: go back and read this article again. Top to bottom. Word for word. I promise you, a breakthrough IS waiting for you.

And if you got that breakthrough, you know what to do. Go ahead and get your copy of The Millionaire Switch program and discover how to flip your own Millionaire Switch.

P.P.S. You know why I’m so certain of your future, financially speaking?

A recent study from the annual World Wealth Report showed that there were
a record-breaking number of people became millionaires in 2014.

How cool, right? What an abundant time we get to live in here!

Ambitious men everywhere are moving ahead of the herd right now, faster than ever before..

Don't be one of the few left behind, a small, unimportant face lost and forgotten amongst the herd..

Carve out your place to stand-out and succeed! This is your time. This is YOURS.

And your opportunities are vast..

Like Google founder, Larry Page, said:

“You can make an internet company with 10 people and it can have billions of users. It doesn't take much capital and it makes a lot of money — a really, really lot of money."

Listen, it doesn’t matter whether you want to build an Internet company, save us from aliens, reconstitute dinosaurs, chase comets or just save the world from Ultron, you can do it once you flip the switch.

Go ahead and do it NOW. Hurry before the deadline expires:

Millionaire Switch for Men